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Roby Sport Club s.r.l., is a company that produces sportswear. He started his business in 1967 as a small artisan company of packaging.

During these years, the business has had a great development and the small artisan company has turned into a complete cycle company. Roby Sport buy the various raw materials used in the processing cycle, spin the yarn that is then delivered for weaving to Tessilsport, (also Tessilsport is part of the group), which provides in addition to weaving, finishing of the fabric

The next steps: cutting, garment packaging and shipping to customers, is managed directly by Roby Sport Club.

Our articles range from the classic sweatshirt suit, used as a comfortable garment, to gym articles, sports clothing, sweatshirt shirts, trousers, are garments made of various types of fabric: pure cotton, stretch, sweatshirt, jersey, interlock, to be worn inside and out.

The care we put into all stages of processing, from the choice of top quality raw materials, to the processing carried out with modern machinery, to skilled workers, to continuous market research and color and material research, not least fashion, allow us to offer our final consumer a quality product that reflects the needs of the various market segments.


The fabric is taken to be cut, a particularly innovative and automated process where are utilized "shearing" machines, which cutting with special "templates", through a pressure on the fabric, create the model or the template which is necessary to obtain the various parts of the item of clothing.
The parts are then checked and divided, those which necessitate embroidery, prints or decoration works, are subsequently taken to embroidery and printing centres.
Once they are given back, they are accurately checked and added back to the other parts to be sent for the packaging of the finished article. To the outside manufacturers are also sent, together with the various pieces, yarns, accessories and every material needed for the garment, so as to guarantee the quality of the finished product.
Before being packed, each item is checked to see if there are any faults and tagged. The packaging and boxing process is automated. Each item is packaged individually and then put into boxes which contain ten items of the same size.



The finishing of fabrics is carried out through various processes, some of an aesthetic type, but especially of dressing and stability of the fabric.
Initially, the fabrics undergo a wetting for fixing the shrinkage.
Afterwards, a high temperature compressing is carried out which, by drying the fabric, stabilizes the colour and the fibre.
After a last finishing treatment, the fabrics are placed automatically in laps in specific trolleys, ready to be used.
Further manufacturings of an aesthetical type, and not only, as for example the teaseling, are carried out in order to obtain more wintery aspects, softer and more full-bodied to the touch.



Roby Sport produces its own collection destined to the wholesale market, sold through its own network of agents.
A part of the production is reserved to "special" clients with their own brand, that is on behalf of third parties.
It also realizes productions of personalized promotional or corporate items for various clients with a minimum of 300 items per article.
The accessories embellish the item and it is for this reason that we are structured for personalizing fabrics zip puller, ribbons, coulisse etc.
Roby sport is able to personalize the item with prints, embroidery, patch with cutting-edge technology which provide an added value to the item.
To enrich the basic item, one can add elements like the belt pouch, hood, bands, etc.
It is possible to work on the rib knit of the collar, cuff and bottom creating colour contrasts, lines or other personalizations.


The circular weaving machines weave tubular fabrics of various diameters which, subsequently, will be used in the cutting department as the body of the item of clothing or in the various components which form the article been required (sweatshirt, trousers or tracksuit).
The fabrics which can be obtained are the plush with two or three yarns, the piquet, the interlock, the elasticised plush, the elasticised piquet, and similar ones.
This type of production by diameter also allows to have items without lateral seams, this guarantees the evenness of the sizes in the production. Furthermore it speeds up the manufacturing and avoids the problem of the lateral seam which often gives to the hips an asymmetrical look.
Furthermore it speeds up the manufacturing and avoids the problem of the lateral seam which often gives to the hips an asymmetrical look.



oby Sport buys staples of cotton in the various producing countries around the world, amongst which there are Russia, Sudan, Mali, depending on the market proposals and the qualities and quantities which are necessary and available.
Quality and pureness of each batch are verified accurately upon their arrival. The product, then, undergoes a dye with reagent colours when it is still a staple, this is done in order to improve the absorption of the colour and to obtain its absolute evenness.
The reagent colours are fixed, therefore they do not fade and resist extremely well to the washes of the finished product.
The cotton is then sent to the "cells" which treat the staple together with the polyester, which has also been dyed in a staple form, and then mixed at a ratio of 80% cotton:20% polyester, so as to yield a mix which ensures shrinkage resistance and better durability.